Our Relationships With Our Hotel Partners Will Save You Significant Dollars and a Better Contract!

When it comes to sourcing hotels for your meetings and events, it’s not the size of the agency that matters, it is the real relationships they have with their hotel partners!

At Dunaj Agency, we have spent years developing strong and lasting relationships with our hotel partners that results in better rates, more contract concessions, and a more successful event. We don’t look at sourcing as a “transactional” business. We treat it as the start of the relationship between our clients and their events. Our hotel partners are willing to provide Dunaj Agency with many additional perks in our contracts due to relationships we have built with them. We don’t beat up the hotels for better rates, they are our partners for mutual success for the hotel, our agency, and our clients!

Sourcing is a different world when you partner with an agency that not only respects its hotel partners, but it’s hotel partners respect our agency. Our long-term, meaningful relationships with our hotel partners result in financial savings, better tems, and ultimately a more successful event for our clients.”

Dunaj Agency also offers a unique service of managing all hotel payments for its clients. Not only will we pay the hotel deposit on our your behalf while you sort through the PO process, we will make all hotel payments and bill you on terms, thus preserving your cash flow and resulting in financial savings for your organization.

We are known for finding the perfect hotel property that fits your exact event needs! We don’t just source for the number of sleeping rooms and meeting space you need, we dig deeper to understand your objectives and find a hotel that is hand selected to match your every desire!

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