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What To Know About Working With An Incentive Travel Company

With incentive-based travel programs, your company’s top performers are rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip. These trips are loaded with exotic amenities and exclusive experiences. In some cases, the company will handle these arrangements by themselves, but many choose an incentive travel company for a turn-key experience

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What Is Incentive Travel?

If you are thinking about using an incentive travel company for your business, here are a few things to know. Incentive travel usually involves a group trip or vacation for those top-performers in your company. In most cases, they travel with their coworkers or bring along their families for a relaxing experience. 

Many companies will set the schedule for the trip. There could be professional development activities on the itinerary, but the main reason is to reward those hard-working individuals with downtime and fun activities. 

Employers invested in corporate incentive travel programs do so because they are motivators to produce better performance among their workers. The employer will often choose an incentive travel program with a spectacular reward destination, such as a beach vacation or relaxing mountain retreat. Employers also establish those benchmarks to qualify for a trip, plan out all the logistics, and measure the employee’s ROI to provide some incentive to meet those goals. 

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How an Incentive Travel Company Can Help

An incentive travel company t specializes in organizing the planning and execution of these special trips. The incentive travel company works with the client to pick the best location for the trip, activities that will wow the guests, transportation while on the trip, welcome receptions and dinners, onsite gifting experiences, and any other detail you could imagine while on the trip.


Why use an incentive travel agency to plan your company retreats, trips, or vacations? Well, these travel planners have the expertise to organize a journey that will go off without any problems. These planners are experts in both incentives and logistics. When an employer wants to reward his or her employees, these planners know about all the exclusive destinations that can excite workers. Plus, it saves time and reduces the risk on behalf of the employer. Some corporate travel agentcies even carry certifications in the industry

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Working with a great group of incentive travel professionals can save an employer plenty of cash. When companies plan these vacations by themselves, they can save around $8.1k per traveler on an average trip. However, when working with an agent, those costs go down to about $5K. With all those savings, the employers can put more money back into their business, hire more workers, or develop a new product

Why do employers save when they work with an incentive travel agency? These travel planners have established relationships with hotel owners and other vendors throughout the years. That means that they know about those discounts in the industry. Along with that, these planners have become efficient at finding the best rates for their clients. 

Turn-Key Solutions

Any planning for a trip can be stressful. With help from an experienced incentive travel company, there is no need to worry. They provide full-service solutions for all of their clients, making sure you donot have to worry about a single thing… Plus, if you have decided on an international trip, these planners will help guide your guests through international travel guidelines and other pertinent information prior to travel. Using an incentive travel company will ensure a seamless process between flights, accommodations, shuttles, and event activities. That is all handled for you before you begin your incentive vacation. 

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Hotel Contracting

Finding the best value for high-quality, incentive-friendly hotels and venues is another huge part of what an incentive travel company does for businesses. We have connections with phenomenal hotels around the world that the average traveler has probably never heard of, and we know how to get the most favorable rates. An incentive travel company will handle all of the negotiations to get your business the best deal for its outing. 

Global Partnerships

Incentive travel companies also work closely with a variety of global partners, including destination management and marketing businesses and convention organizers, to gain local expertise and support. These established relationships allow us to bring top-tier rates and experiences to the businesses we serve.

Why Do Incentive Travel Programs Work?

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If you are still thinking about travel incentives for your company, there are a few things to consider. For starters, travel incentives motivate employees. When you have a big event, you can publicly recognize those big achievers for their hard work. Along with that, these top performers can meet the executive team, share ideas, and discuss their plans for your company. 

These trips allow employees to experience career-making opportunities that help them connect with others who share their hard work values and bond with like-minded fellow employees. According to a recent survey, about 71 percent of trip earners were motivated by past trips to meet those travel program qualifying goals.

In addition to that, travel programs give employees a chance to make those special memories, which can help create bonds with fellow coworkers. For many employees, this incentive travel program drives workers to boost their performances, showing that their company truly appreciates them

What a Great Incentive Trip Looks Like

If you want to create an effective and motivating incentive trip, you want to start with a year-long incentive program. With that, your employees can start on their goals to qualify for the trip. When you have a well-designed incentive program, you can track its success in several ways

The first step is the design and launch process. When you have planned out all the details and qualifications, you can introduce them to your employees. Throughout the year, your employees will work hard to meet those goals to qualify for the trip. With a little buzz among your workers, you can create healthy competition for those coveted spots on the trip. Once the qualification period ends, you can announce your winners

After that, you can move into the preparation phase. All the arrangements have been set, and your team will be excited about their journey. You might even see those winners performing at higher levels for your company. 

The next step, and most important, is the experience of the trip. All that hard work has paid off as the employees enjoy the destination and other planned activities. After the employees have come back to work, there will be a post-trip buzz throughout the company. This will encourage others to increase their productivity to meet qualifications for next year. With all this, you can motivate your employees to do their best and meet those goals to enjoy an incentive vacation. 

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Planning a Company Incentive Trip

Many businesses wonder when they should begin planning an incentive trip. The answer is simple: the earlier, the better. Planning the incentive trip sooner will not only likely result in overall cost savings, but it will also allow for better planning and a more effective program. 

Working with an incentive travel company throughout the entire process lets businesses take advantage of the benefits we talked about earlier for the whole program instead of only for the duration of the trip. Let’s look at an example timeline for planning a company incentive trip 18 months in advance:

1. Fall 2021 – Sourcing

The process starts by choosing a hotel and destination. Your incentive travel company will show you the best values and options to help you decide on one for your trip. They’ll also handle all of the negotiations, site inspections, etc.

2. Throughout 2022 – Promotion & Planning

Getting your employees excited for the incentive trip plays a large role in its success. We’ll also obtain all of your program objectives, communicate regularly, and plan out everything from activities to the provided food and beverages.

3. Early 2023 – Travel 

After months of planning, it’s time for your attendees to enjoy the experience that they’ve been working for! Leading up to this, your incentive travel company will organize the list of attendees and arrange things like flight times and room reservations. Then, our on-site staff will be there to ensure everything goes perfectly. There’s no need for you to worry about the logistics!

The Bottom Line

As you can tell, there are many reasons to use an incentive travel company to plan your company trips. Not only will your employees make memories to last a lifetime, but it will help to motivate others to reach those goals for your company. 

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