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What Will Incentive Travel Look Like in 2021?

2020 saw the world more or less come to a halt due to the outbreak of COVID-19 that didn’t take long to turn into a full-blown global pandemic. This pandemic created severe impacts for travel agencies, airlines, and resorts alike. Though the world isn’t out of the pandemic yet, corporate event management companies like the DUNAJ AGENCY are ready to help your business create a fantastic incentive experience for your hard-working employees despite the hindrances caused by the pandemic! For The DUNAJ AGENCY, every little detail matters, and each event is planned out and designed to exceed even the highest of expectations by staying three steps ahead of their clients.  

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Local Destinations are the Key

Travel experts have predicted that trips to closer areas and short-flight destinations will be the first types of travel to make a comeback as it becomes progressively safer for people to do so. International travel may have to be delayed to big, bucket list destinations like the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Bora Bora, or the Taj Mahal in India until a solid recovery from the pandemic has been reached. People are mainly looking towards close international or domestic locations for any trips or vacations that they may be considering. Beaches in the Gulf of Mexico and Mexican coastlines are top picks for many individuals desperate to get away from home and relax after the struggles of 2020. Other popular destinations we can look forward to are the relatively close Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica,, and other tropical locations. These closer-to-home destinations make it safer and easier for participants to get back to the U.S. should anything unexpected happen with health or restrictions.

This is mainly due to the uncertainty that now comes with long-distance international travel during the time of Coronavirus.. As such, locations like The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and other closer areas are likely to see a surge in popularity and a more rapid recovery due to a predicted increase in tourist activity. However, whether domestic or international, the DUNAJ AGENCY is there to ensure that you receive only the best quality from their services and partners as they cultivate your company’s ideal experience with excitement and creativity.

The Resort Experience: Cleanliness

Over the past several months, hotels and resorts have had to actively address wellness and work to ensure the safety and health of their guests and employees by promoting sanitation and cleanliness. Specific protocols have been established based on best practices observed within the industry and insights from government organizations at the local, state, and federal levels. Extensive lists of regulations have been put into place at hotels across the country – though procedures vary by hotel. 

Some of these protocols include reminders for maintaining physical distancing among staff and guests, virtual or online check-ins, additional housekeeping, increased sanitization for public spaces, hand sanitizer availability throughout hotels,  electronic door keys in apps, and seating capacity charts showing 6 feet distancing setups. These are only a small few of the multiple procedures that resorts have put into place throughout 2020. Travel has changed considerably over the past year, and it will more than likely continue to look very different than it once did. However, as people are able to proceed safer, we will see a considerable rise in incentive travel and national sales meetings through the assistance of companies like the DUNAJ AGENCY.

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Individual Incentive Travel and Alternative Rewards

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Individual incentive travel programs, where you travel by yourself and meet up with a larger group for a party, gala, or dinner at the end, have become increasingly popular over the past year. Companies are planning special incentive trips for their employees without requiring them to participate in large group gatherings aside from an opening or welcome reception and an awards dinner to end the trip.. While this may be what other agencies have resorted to, the DUNAJ AGENCY has had this setup prior to the pandemic to allow for the group dynamic to still be experienced while always offering private activities. Our clients are thrilled DA still cultivates group bonding while giving them the same experiences they’ve experienced for years in more intimate settings.

Additionally, companies have been presenting their employees with alternative rewards while they await their rebooked in-person trips. The DUNAJ AGENCY offers exculsive and top of the line  gifting options that will have your people even more excited while they await their journey. Imagine getting a gift delivery with a nice pair of shades, a beach hat, and an at home island mixology set before your tropical vacation! Custom travel gifts that attendees can use on their trips will make them happier and more ready than ever to take a trip they will never forget. 

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Incentive travel is likely to be different for a short season as the world continues to overcome the pandemic’s effects. The DUNAJ AGENCY is prepped and ready to help your company or business incentivize your employees with safe and memorable experiences they will be talking about for years to come, even during these strange and uncertain times. The DUNAJ AGENCY has an exceptional talent for making each attendee feel like they are a VIP, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of their stellar services and expertise. 

Are you looking for a way to incentivize or reward your outstanding employees this year? Check out the steller services offered by the DUNAJ AGENCY or call them at 805-777-3862 to learn more today.

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