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What is Hotel Sourcing and Why is it Important?

What is Hotel Sourcing?

You’ve chosen the perfect city to host your event or conference, so what comes next? Choosing the best hotel to host your event is the next milestone to check off your list!  When planning a meeting, finding the best possible accommodations and lodging for your corporate event can be a big task. 

Hotel Sourcing is an area where the DUNAJ AGENCY shines. It is the ability to find the ideal location for your event based on expected attendance and agenda, as well as making sure all lodging and accommodations exceed expectations. We proactively do our research and make sure everything will fit the logistics regardless of the event size – from national sales meetings to incentive experiences. We take care of all of your needs for guest rooms, meeting space, and everything in between, ensuring that every little detail is accounted for in the sourcing process

We negotiate with hotel partners who we have relationships with in order to provide you the most favorable terms, best sleeping room options, and lowest price tag. In short, we contract with the venue or property to book you the best possible option while saving you time and money. Best of all, this service is totally complimentary!

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Why is Hotel Sourcing Important for Corporate Events?

Choosing a venue that fits your needs perfectly is vital to the success of your program. There are many choices available, so it’s important to cross-compare all options to ensure all of your needs are met. You also want to establish a great relationship with the property, which begins with professional sourcing. This will ensure that negotiations, contracting, and logistics are worked through in detail. No two hotels are the same, which is why it’s important to work with a sourcing professional who has the attention to detail to spot the differences in hotels to give you the best available option. Just because a hotel looks good doesn’t mean it is the best fit for your  needs. Let us source your hotels to provide a streamlined experience so your event will go smoothly and offer your guests the best possible experience. 

What to Consider When Sourcing a Hotel

Location – Consider where your hotel is located in the city and if it brings guests closer to desirable locations they may want to visit. Also, paying attention to ease of transit to airports and other places is best practice. 

Hotel Amenities – Hotel amenities are important to consider as you want your guests to have access to high-speed internet, recreation facilities, airport shuttles, dining options, and anything that will make their experience more positive while in attendance. 

F&B Offerings – Food and beverage options are important as they can simplify the task of providing in-house meals, snacks, and drinks during conferences and other events. A hotel with ample catering options as well as other restaurant and room service options is highly desirable. Ensuring that these offerings will fit the budget is also an important task. 

Layout – The hotel’s physical layout is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when creating schedules or itineraries for your event or meeting. Communicate your needs to the hotel in advance and ask a lot of questions to ensure that the layout enables access for all and won’t provide any time or space constraints for events. 

Meeting Space – It’s crucial, especially in this time, to make sure that the space you intend to hold your event is large enough to accommodate physical distancing, as well as be inclusive of every attendee onsite. Our team will help you think through all of the details  ensuring there is ample meeting space, including chairs, tables, speakers, and anything else you will need for the event to go off without a hitch. 

Hotel Size – Making sure that the size of the hotel is in line with the size of your event is an important detail that should not be overlooked!  Whether you are hosting  a small executive meeting or a national sales meeting, the size of your venue can make all the difference in hosting a successful event.

Exclusivity – Consider if your group will be a larger party at a small hotel or a small party at a big hotel. Will your group be able to remain private without the public needing to walk through your space? Will your event space be right next to another event happening at the same time? Think through the details of how people flow through the space, and how it relates to the size of the hotel as a whole, as this could change the overall feel of the event. 

Value/Pricing – One of the challenges of hotel sourcing and event planning is making sure that the hotel fits your criteria while keeping in line with your budget. Working with the DUNAJ AGENCY helps to ensure that you receive the most value for your budget. We believe that the savings begins with sourcing. As an extension of your team and a steward of your budget, our dedicated sourcing team is committed to sourcing properties that offer the greatest value for your program, while providing cost savings by negotiating room rates, concessions, discounts, and other cost avoidance measures. 

Flexibility on Contract Terms – With the current environment, it is essential to have flexibility built into your hotel contract. Should the pandemic situation improve or even worsen, this will have an effect on who attends your event. With flexible contract terms, you can increase or decrease your meeting size without affecting the integrity of the event. The DUNAJ AGENCY stays current on hotel contracting trends and makes sure you have favorable terms in place. The most important terms right now are cancellation and attrition. We will work with hotels to determine mutual dates to check-in and determine if the meeting can still move forward as planned. Understanding that the numbers may vary from the time of contract is imperative. We will work to negotiate attrition terms that provide peace of mind.

Want us to handle the details? Working with the DUNAJ AGENCY allows  you the freedom to enjoy the event without getting bogged down by the thousands of intricacies that go into making the  event possible. Email or call us today to get started on your next meeting or incentive experience.

How the Dunaj Agency Can Help Source Your Hotel

The DUNAJ AGENCY has a dedicated sourcing department with decades of experience and strong partnerships with hotels, sales offices, and resorts. We have the inside knowledge and connections that allow us access to the best up-and-coming venues. 

In addition, we help add value to your contract by negotiating and mitigating risk and liability terms. Our meetings and logistics staff will review sleeping rooms and meeting spaces to ensure everything is accurate and accounted for, before you sign on the dotted line. 

Ready to create an unforgettable experience that will last your guests a lifetime? DUNAJ AGENCY believes that every little detail matters. Contact us to see how we make your event planning stress-free

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Plan Your Corporate Event with the DUNAJ AGENCY

A successful meeting begins with finding the perfect venue. DUNAJ AGENCY removes any guesswork from choosing the perfect hotel and will provide the best experience possible for your guests. Feel completely confident that we have taken care of everything related to negotiating the best pricing, the safest terms and conditions, and reduce any blind spots with your event. Let us save you both time and money while we handle the contracting phase of your event. 

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The Type of Event

Every event will have its unique specifications that will need attention. The DUNAJ AGENCY has experience handling every type of event that comes with its own specifications. Here are some examples of events we source, plan, and execute:

● Corporate meetings

● Board meetings

● Sales meetings

● Incentive travel

● POAs

● Educational meetings

● Tradeshows

● Conferences

● Mid-Year meetings

● Team building

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