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What Is A National Sales Meeting And How To Take It To The Next Level

Are you tired of stuffy sales meetings? You can get your team together and cultivate an experience that motivates and inspires action towards your sales goals rather than drone on about the data. See, sales meetings get a bad wrap because so many fail to achieve their true purpose. 

Sales meetings are about celebrating wins and encouraging better performance. The details often get lost when companies focus on what they have to communicate instead of what message they want to send to their sales teams. 

What is the difference? It is in the details. A well-planned national sales meeting focuses on building an experience around a common theme or central message. It takes some planning to craft an effective, engaging, and impactful sales meeting to do it right.

What is a National Sales Meeting

For nationwide sales teams that are spread out across different regions, annual meetings help bring everyone together to focus on the same goals. A national sales meeting is typically held at least once per year in a central location. All sales staff attend one meeting to discuss the accomplishments and challenges of the previous year and communicate goals for the upcoming year. National sales meetings offer an effective way to bring teams together and boost morale. 

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Key Components in Planning

Planning a national sales meeting is about more than finding space for your team to gather. A high-energy national sales meeting that is productive and effective at lifting your sales team up requires pulling together the right combination of themes, activities, messaging, and high-impact speakers.

Choose a Theme

A good theme is like the glue that holds all of the pieces together. It can make a boring sales meeting feel fun and engaging. It can make good speakers more memorable. And it can make your national sales meeting an event that your sales staff wants to attend. But not all themes are equal. Skip the cheesy, overdone, and tired themes in favor of something fun and fresh. 

Will you be giving away prizes to your top earners? Why not use destination vacations as your big-ticket prizes and build a theme around traveling the globe? It adds more fun than putting up a few banners with a generic sales slogan and calling it a theme!

Establish Clear Objectives

A national sales meeting has a purpose. It is not just a fun party for your sales staff. Identify your objectives early in the planning process and build the meeting around meeting those objectives. For example, if a sales goal is to increase conversions by 15% over the next year, then objectives for your sales meeting might be to roll out new sales tools, offer an incentive program, or workshop on reporting metrics.

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Increase Engagement

The biggest roadblock to setting a return on investment in training, meetings, and workshops is getting your employees to transfer the new knowledge to real-world applications. The best way to make sure they retain and use what they learn is to cultivate engagement. Include plenty of opportunities for interaction in small groups like breakout sessions and cocktail hours.

The DUNAJ AGENCY specializes in planning high-impact national sales meetings and corporate events. Reach out today to start crafting an experience that truly motivates your sales staff.

Incorporate Your Company’s Core Values

A national sales meeting is the perfect time to infuse your company’s core values into your messaging. Ideally, you want your sales force to carry the company values out into the market and rely on those values as they interact with your client base. To do that, they need guidance, communication, and inspiration.

Core values messaging often takes the form of branding messages from the CEO or a presentation highlighting team members who have demonstrated the company’s values. You are not limited to these ideas. Perhaps you involve your sales team in a group service project as part of your national sales meeting to embody your core values of community, compassion and giving. Or, maybe you facilitate an exercise where participants are asked to share a personal story demonstrating core values.

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Use Technology

Technology offers an opportunity to engage everyone, from those in attendance in the room to virtual attendees. The accessibility of smartphones, tablets, and high-speed internet access means that you can share engaging presentations while gathering real-time data. The more you encourage the use of technology in your sales meetings, the more hands-on your audience will be. 

Select an Impactful Speaker

Do you need to hire a professional or celebrity speaker to deliver a keynote address? It’s one approach to making an impact, but it is not necessary. Anyone who has an aptitude for public speaking who can deliver a relevant, inspiring, and entertaining speech will fit the bill. 

Expand Beyond the Sales Department

Your company works together as a whole to achieve success. Rarely will your sales department function alone in that success. To see the biggest impact on your company, consider including supporting departments in your national sales meeting. The high-energy atmosphere can do more than lift up your sales team; it can lift up your entire company.

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The Takeaway on Planning a National Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are a great way to bring your team together. Maybe you have tried them in the past with mixed success–probably because you planned a meeting and not an event. Many employees loathe meetings. They are seen as an obligation and have a default atmosphere that is not conducive to inspiring success. Don’t skip the meeting this year; instead, plan a different kind of meeting.

The DUNAJ AGENCY is a corporate event planner ready to make your next national sales meeting a success! Every little detail matters when cultivating an effective experience. We will take care of every little detail so that you don’t have to worry about a thing! Contact us today to get started planning your next event.

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