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Top 5 Sales Team Incentives For Major Success

Does your sales team need a little help getting motivated? Studies have shown that up to 90% of top-performing sales teams have committed to an incentive program. If you want to cultivate sales team incentives that will impact your numbers and your employee satisfaction response, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the top 5 incentives that you can use to promote a thriving work environment, and motivate your sales team to reach their goals. These services are provided by the DUNAJ AGENCY, who is ready and available to help out your company, even during COVID-19.

1. Team-Building Activities

Whether it’s storytelling, escape rooms, or a fun game night, team-building activities can 

increase your sales team’s morale and coordination. And the DUNAJ AGENCY is ready and willing to plan and execute the details that go into making them happen. There are plenty of team-building activities that are perfect for boosting incentive, including:

  • Mock sales pitch games
  • Team Apples to Apples
  • Sales Poker
  • Sales Team Bingo

Put your own spin on these games and activities for the best possible results! Your team will appreciate the bonding experiences you give them during these activities, and the actions will incentivize a healthy level of competitiveness as well as team communication.

2. Entertaining Work Events

One of the most pivotal incentives you can provide your employees as a manager or a business owner is an inspiring and entertaining business event. This can be anything from gathering your team for an unforgettable awards night, hosting a themed dinner, or taking the fun out on the town for dine arounds at places like TopGolf!. If you want your sales team to be more devoted to their work, you will need to provide them with experiences that leave a lasting impression on their career.

The DUNAJ AGENCY can easily help you with the planning and execution of these kinds of memorable moments for your employees. What might take you months of planning and preparation to do on your own can be done quickly and effectively with their help and expertise, especially for large, executive events that will be hosting a large number of people.

Some work-related events include:

  • Sales conference
  • Special sales training and meetings
  • Guest speakers
  • Exclusive webinars or seminars
  • Upcoming product previews

You can choose to cultivate and host an event yourself with the help of event managers who are trained to pay attention to the details of the event so that you can focus on the people!

When conceptualizing your next work event, make sure to plan out the steps that each team member will experience and analyze how that experience will draw out the best in their abilities. Get creative with your work event ideas and contact event planning specialists to inquire about your specific event’s ideal layout.

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3. Incentive Trips

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Another excellent way to motivate your sales team is through the usage of incentive trips

When working with the DUNAJ AGENCY, we utilize our relationships with  hotels, resorts, and other exclusive destination activities in order to create an unforgettable experience for you and your team. Incentivizing your team through sought-after vacation spots will give you the flexibility and the ability to set high standards.

For example, you can tell your team that if sales reach a certain amount in a specific quarter, they will be rewarded with an all-details-accounted-for paid trip for them and a guest. Here are some examples of exclusive spots that your team will be eager to go on::

  • Beachfront resort getaway to places like Cabo and the Bahamas
  • Camping trip with indoor lodging
  • Ski trip to the mountains complete with a slope side resort and lift tickets 
  • Five Star hotel and casino getaways

Get creative with your trip ideas and location. Consider locations that none of your team has ventured to before or where they may be most enticed to go if they hit their goals. Pair different concepts with different locations so that you can create the best experience possible for your hard working employees.

Do you want to take your sales incentive game to the next level? Contact Us at the DUNAJ AGENCY for the best company events and incentive trip  experiences.

4. Individual Destination Vacations

You can also choose to send your sales team (top performers, best-rated) on individual destination vacations. This is the perfect way to whip up friendly competition and give your top-performers the break that they need. You can start quarterly sales numbers competitions that end in the top competitors winning all-expenses-paid trips to their choice  destination.

Work closely with event planners and organizers to deliver value to your top performers.

To ensure friendly competitiveness and reduce resentment among team members, it is essential to pair this incentive strategy with other team-oriented approaches.

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5. Destination Gifts

Destination gifts are fun items that bring magic to both events and experiences. If you’re planning a special event or vacation for your team, you should consider investing in destination gifts.Commemorating the location, and remembrance of an event with a customized gift based on your team’s experience is one of the best ways for memories to live on well after the event has passed. That’s where destination gifting comes in.

Your attendees receive customized gifts that are tailored to your event. These are genuinely tokens of your appreciation to your team members for showing up and working hard. These are especially important for incentive trips and national sales meetings, as team members can flaunt their gifts with pride and be reminded of the unforgettable time they had! 

Other Sales Team Incentives to Consider 

With so many ways to incentivize your sales team, here are a few other ways that companies are taking care of and rewarding their dedicated and hard-working employees. Consider adopting or trying out a few to see what they do in incentivizing your team.

Self-Care Opportunities

A great way to care for your employees while incentivizing them is to sponsor self-care rewards. Self-care rewards include anything that will give specific team members a boost in physical and mental comfort. You can also choose to extend self-care opportunities to your team as a whole. Any attempt at genuinely issuing self-care incentives can give the impression that you care about your team.

Some self-care opportunities include:

  • An all-inclusive trip to the spa
  • Expenses paid meditation retreat
  • Complimentary hiking trip
  • Reimbursement for employee gym time

Personal Gifts For Your Team

Nothing touches the heart of a team member more than a personal gift. These kinds of gifts are the best way to show your team members your appreciation for all of the hard work they have done. On a corporate scale, it can be harder to give personal gifts. However, working with event planners and designers can provide you with inspiration and ideas for different types of individual gifts for your employees. The DUNAJ AGENCY specializes in gifting your team with memorable items that are sure to last a lifetime. 

Practical Work-Related Gifts

Does your best performer need a new pen to help customers/clients sign contracts? Perhaps your best customer care team member needs a new mouse or notepad for the job. While you are undoubtedly responsible for providing work equipment for your business, you can also give practical gifts to different members of your team to help make their work just a little bit easier.

You can also equip your team with gifts related to your brand and business as a way to both treat them and spread word of mouth. Some examples of practical gifts include:

  • Business branded pens
  • Company notebooks
  • Flash drives
  • Phone cases
  • Desk organizers

Career Subscriptions, Products, and Services

Giving your salespeople the best tools for their trade is crucial. What if you could give your team member a reward that furthers their career development and leads to increased efficiency? That’s precisely what career subscriptions, products, and services are. Career subscriptions and services can be anything from industry-related software to suitable self-training. These incentives should be reserved for team members looking to improve their craft and take their sales game to the next level.

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Taking care of your hard-working employees should be a top priority for businesses looking to achieve the best results from their workers. Planning and executing team building activities, exciting work events, incentive trips, and unique gifting opportunities are only a handful of ways that the DUNAJ AGENCY can help you bring new incentives into your work environment. How will you choose to incentivize your team? Let us know in the comments below!

Are you ready to provide your employees with an authentic, lifelong experience? The DUNAJ AGENCY is the ideal outlet for special work-related incentives. Learn More.

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