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Top 10 Ideas for Outdoor Corporate Events

It’s been a while since we have felt free to be together without masks, social distancing, or worry over an infectious disease. This summer brings the promise of some sense of normalcy and a return to outdoor corporate events

Companies can encourage unity and togetherness while still looking out for their staff’s health and well-being. By following the CDC Guidelines for Outdoor Activities, you can return to celebrating corporate milestones and enjoy team-building again. While the DUNAJ AGENCY specializes more in Incentive Award experiences, here’s a list of fun local corporate event ideas for those that want to step away from their Zoom windows – and maybe even a few to give ideas for your next team building at a National Sales Meeting!

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Almost nothing says summer like outdoor camping. Companies may provide the resources for camping activities for their employees, book a site, and plan fun activities. Besides blowing off steam, a camping trip can be a great corporate bonding experience. You can really get to know people when you spend days and nights together in the rugged environment of a campsite. 

Hiking Outdoors and Dining In

Employees can reconnect while hiking and appreciating awe-inspiring scenic views. The company can put people in small groups for the hikes to avoid densely populated bunches all walking together. Hiking during the day and dining-in allows people to talk and enjoy shared experiences. This is especially useful for employees who may have only spoken to each other over Zoom for the last year. The fresh air and exercise tick the health and wellness boxes, and the dining provides rest and relaxation.  

Drive-In Movies

Drive-in movies are a blast from the past that works on many levels. Not only do employees with families not have to find a baby-sitter, but they get to enjoy an evening out on the company. While everyone is in the safety of their own cars, so not precisely employee bonding, it does express that the company cares for and values its employees. It’s a great way to lift morale and enforce company loyalty. 

Drive-In Concerts

Drive-in concerts are a fantastic idea. Utilizing the ample supply of large parking lots and cheap rental spaces, companies can put on live events that keep staff feeling safe but engaged. Like drive-in movies, employees and their families remain in the safety of their cars, but they still get to experience the energy and amazing vibes of a live event. For the event planner, this may be a new experience, but it can also significantly simplify logistics. 

Company Field Days

What could be better than a company field day in warm, sunny weather? A whole day of activities planned to foster team-building, with employees and their families becoming acquainted. Friendly competition, barbecue, good food, and relaxation can bring employees and their families together and be a part of a company-sponsored, holistic approach to work-life balance. 

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Company Picnics 

Like a company field day without the competition, a company picnic can be a winning idea. Picnics allow for all the good eating and great company of any successful social gathering, but also social distancing in ways that don’t leave people feeling too isolated. Colleagues can become reacquainted with one another along with their families on a warm day in comfortable clothes. What could be better? 

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Company Baseball Games

If your company employs active and brave individuals, a company baseball game can be amazing! The teams can consist of various departments of the company or management versus employees. As long as the competition isn’t taken too seriously, it is an excellent way to establish team spirit and company loyalty. In addition to the game, you can organize a picnic for company families. 

If your company would rather watch a good game together, stadium event organizers have ways to entertain corporate groups at the ballpark. You can arrange a bleacher party or picnic party. And remember that stadiums have suites, and field and upper deck party areas for you to book. 

Company Golfing Tournaments

With this sport’s popularity, a company golf tournament or golf outing can be enjoyable and stimulate healthy competition. This doesn’t just have to be for the company executives; it can be a great way to show appreciation to employees and clients as well. The event doesn’t have to be all play either. Business can be conducted on the golf course with current clients as well as potential new ones. Golf tournaments are also fantastic ways to raise money for company foundations and charities.   

Food Truck Events

A food truck event can happen in conjunction with other corporate outdoor activities. Food trucks are edgy and trendy while being practical. Their presence cuts down on the amount of setup events organizers have to carry out, and the amount of preparation attendees have to do. Just ensure that there is plenty of room for the food truck to park and space for long lines of people waiting for service. Consider using chalk markings to designate social distance spacing. 

Fun Classes

Many companies have programs for employees to be trained or upgraded in skills necessary for their work, but how about company-provided fun classes at an outdoor event? Classes that expand the creativity and joy of its participants will reap rewards for the company as well. Employees who feel valued and appreciated feel better about their jobs. This means greater productivity and company loyalty. Classes can include gardening, mixology, cooking/baking, or crafts.  

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There’s really no shortage of outdoor corporate event ideas. To ensure that employees feel safe, even at an outdoor event, companies should follow CDC guidelines and firmly enforce social distancing, masks (if necessary), and hand sanitizing. Despite these restrictions, employees can still have an enjoyable time, and companies can show their appreciation, encourage company bonding, or celebrate corporate milestones. 

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