Team Building Retreats: Best Destinations and Activities

What is a Team Building Retreat?

A team-building retreat is a trip based on collective team-building activities. These trips blend the benefits of travel with the purpose of team building to allow your employees to forge stronger relationships that will ultimately benefit your business.

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What Are the Benefits of Team Building Retreats?

A team-building retreat is a break from everyday office activities. The emphasis is on choosing locations and activities that are different from a typical workday. The goal is to build stronger relationships with your coworkers to collaborate effectively in the workplace. Here are the key benefits:

Strengthen Team Weaknesses and Enhance Team Strengths

Encouraging your team members to interact with each other outside of the office can help humanize their relationships. The group will naturally sort out their strengths and weaknesses to accomplish the designated activity. In the process, they will learn valuable information about one another to build stronger teams in the office when they return to work.

Include Your Remote Team

Team building retreats can include any employees that you choose. You are not bound by traditional geographic boundaries, especially if the entire team travels to a destination retreat. This can be a good opportunity to include remote employees who don’t get much face time in the office.

Team Motivation

Connection is the foundation of human motivation, and allowing your coworkers to connect differently can really drive individual and team motivation in the workplace. Sometimes when people feel forced to collaborate with coworkers in the office, those relationships suffer from a lack of authenticity. Team building retreats can be a powerful tool to overcome those barriers.

Investing in Your Team

Human beings like to be connected to one another and to be a part of something bigger than themselves.. A team-building retreat can provide an avenue of meaningful connection with your employees to strengthen their emotional commitment to your company. Making small or large investments in each individual on your team can only be beneficial in the long run for the health of the overall company. 

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How to Plan Your Retreat

Planning a retreat takes a lot of work, and there is always a risk that your efforts will fall flat with expectations. However, good communication and feedback can limit your risks during planning.


Get help from an experienced corporate event planner. Consider partnering a small group of employees in your company with a skilled third party. It’s a good way to get representation from your target audience while taking advantage of a professional touch on your retreat. A professional event planner can advise on destination choices, accommodations, events, and activities to make your retreat memorable!

Be Clear on Your Purpose

Identify the goal of your retreat first and then select activities designed around accomplishing that goal. A team-building retreat is often intended to build relationships between team members.

Increase Team Engagement

Get your team interested in the event from the beginning. Getting buy-in will be your biggest roadblock to creating a successful event. This includes engagement from all levels in your organization. Junior, senior, and executive employees should be encouraged to attend the same event.

Set Educational Goals

If it is your first team-building retreat, a broad scope might be best. However, if you have little experience in hosting these retreats, you can use them to achieve specific goals. Common themes for team building retreats might include a focus on communication skills or time management.

Choose a Venue

A good team-building retreat can be local, regional, or international, depending on your budget. The only thing that it cannot be is in your conference room. Use the venue to help your team achieve the intended goals of the retreat. 

  • Explore a big city with an interactive scavenger hunt.
  • Indulge in an authentic cowboy experience in the heart of the wild west.
  • Learn to bobsled on a famous Olympic track.
  • Tour the bourbons of Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Build cardboard boats in Puerto Vallarta.
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Top Destinations and Activities at Team Building Retreats

Are you looking for some creative ideas to get your team together? Let’s take a look at some of the top-ranking destinations and what high-impact teams are doing when they get there!

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is home to Silicon Valley, the hub of the tech world. It also offers oceanfront access and a comfortable climate year-round making it a great choice for team-building retreats.

  1. Play retro video games at Fisherman’s Wharf.
  2. Compete in an interactive scavenger hunt to tour the city.
  3. Enjoy a sightseeing tour at the world-famous abandoned Alcatraz prison.

Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is a tourist hotspot with warm temperatures year-round and no shortage of boutique and resort hotels to provide the perfect venue for your team retreat.

  1. Roleplay in the original wild west with a real-life cowboy adventure.
  2. Hunt down a mad scientist or learn about the rich history of the Southwestern US in a golf cart scavenger hunt
  3. Get physical and break things with a unique team-building experience at Insanity AZ.

Whistler, BC

Set in the natural beauty of the mountains and filled with an abundance of hotel conference centers, Whistler, British Columbia, is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. Learn to bobsled on an Olympic track.
  2. Get out and hit the slopes with skiing and snowboarding.

Louisville, KY

Louisville is centrally located in the heart of the United States, where southern hospitality meets eccentric charm. The city offers no shortage of unique experiences and is most notably known for its bourbon.

  1. Tour the bourbon trail.
  2. Set your sights on the mystifying caverns in the hills of Kentucky.

New York City, NY

The big apple always draws a crowd, and a city with this much influence has no shortage of venues and activities for your team-building retreat. One quick side note, New York winters can be brutal. Time your retreat for the spring or summer months for the best experience.

  1. See the city with your own version of The Amazing Race.
  2. Tour the iconic Rockefeller Center.
  3. Get cooking with inspired classes by the International Culinary Center and Pizza School NYC.

The Last Word

Team building retreats are a great way to bring your employees together and foster real relationships that promote better collaboration in the workplace. From Silicon Valley to New York City, there is something to do in every major American city. Aim for something new. If your employees are accustomed to live in the Bay area, travel to Louisville, Kentucky. If you’re in Denver, go to the beach. These trips aren’t just about coming together; they are about breaking normal routines and traditional roles.

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