Event Design and management

The DUNAJ AGENCY creates experiences that your attendees will not soon forget. From Keynote Speakers that align with your mission, to MC’s that engage each person, to famous entertainers that will leave the guests in awe – we have options for every occasion. We also offer full service event design, and multiple cutting edge options for event technology. When partnering with the DUNAJ AGENCY, you can be certain that we will create a stunning atmosphere for your event and provide brilliant aesthetics and decor to entertain your guests while promoting your brand.

Event Design

We design meetings, events, and incentives so you can be relieved of all the planning  and ensure that every little detail is accounted for! 

But that’s not all we do!

Our Event Design And Planning Specialists

The DUNAJ AGENCY takes care of the creative and logistical details that come with bringing all the pieces together for an event. Our team of event design and planning specialists have all the expertise and experience you need for outstanding:

  • Space management (including adhering to the local guidelines for Covid-19 protocol)
  • The layout of furnishings and equipment
  • Color scheme selection
  • Lighting and decor

We take care of all the specifics so you and your guests can have a memorable experience.

Event Technology

Our in house production team specializes in quality audio visual support and solutions for corporate meetings, events, and conferences. With the ability to produce live production & staging, experiential production, AV support, graphic design, content development, and much more, we are able to service you no matter where your event takes place! To discover more about our capabilities to assist you with your technology and production needs click here!

Event Technology We Offer

Ready to meet onsite? We offer great technology options for onsite gatherings including:

  • Personalized agendas for meetings and incentives even in the midst of thousands of attendees
  • Access to site maps for easy navigation
  • Ability to network right in the palm of their hand
  • Surveys for immediate feedback on individual speakers or sessions
  • A dynamic event guide that provides attendees with time sensitive and specialized content before, during, and after the event. Ensuring they get the right information at the right time!
  • An app that gives your attendees the ability to engage at a deeper level, and have key content at their fingertips before, during, and even after the event.

Not sure if you are ready to meet in person yet? We also have event technology to cater to:

  • Hybrid Meetings – have some attendees in the room and some online!
  • Virtual Meetings that will engage your teams

Even if you go virtual, we help you find a way to cater the experience of your online attendees so that they feel as if they not only got their own personalized experience, but that they didn’t miss out on the fun!


In an environment where events have had to pivot and shift, DUNAJ AGENCY continues to be innovative, and on the cutting edge of new technology and experiences to make all attendees, online or in person, feel as if they have received their own personalized event experience!

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