Sales Meeting Ideas: Topics & Agendas to Motivate Your Team

If preparing for a sales meeting gives you a sense of dread, it’s time to rethink the way you approach your meeting!. The purpose of sales meetings is to check-in, motivate, and inform your team toward more sales. But meetings can become dry, de-motivating, and terrible time-wasters if you aren’t careful with how you plan and execute your meeting. Here we have some tips for you, from preparation to conducting your meetings, so your team is enriched and eager for the next time you gather together.     

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Four principles of a successful sales meeting

Here are four essential parts of any successful sales meeting:

1 Value 

When the meeting has concluded, your team should be able to say what value they received from the meeting. You should provide tools, training, or information that makes them better at sales, communication, and a positive work mentality.

2 Standardized Agendas

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Figure out an agenda that works well for you and your employees and use it as a template for every sales meeting to follow.

3 Consistency

Attendance can be more regular if your company can plan for the meeting ahead of time. This is especially easy if the meeting is held around the same timeframe every year so that your team can be prepared to plan their travel accordingly. You will establish a rhythm that will ensure your team is prepared and excited to attend the event. 

4 Team Participation

To prevent people from nodding off in your meeting:

  1. Get people involved.
  2. Let them know that the meeting isn’t just your time to spout-off, but it’s also their time to share and contribute.
  3. Encourage engagement and interaction throughout with questions, brainstorming, and role play.’

The Agenda

Your meeting agenda should focus on information, feedback, and action items. Remember 

to allow space for adequate flow, checking emails, and even getting back to clients.  

Here are a few items to keep in mind as you write the agenda:

  • Updates. Have each team give an update on their status. Knowing that they will provide an account of where they are is highly motivating. It will also give you an idea of what assistance team members may need.
  • Celebrate the wins. Never let a meeting end without celebrating positive customer feedback, progress on sales targets, or new accounts – and the people who worked to make these things possible. 
  •  Figure out problems. Are there issues hindering your team’s progress? These could involve other departments or customer-related situations.
  • Monthly targets. Focus on these as well as the metrics that cause sales to happen. This is not the time to call out any of your team members. Set aside time for individual meetings for that purpose. Humiliation is de-motivating.
  • Share company stuff. As a leader of the company, be aware of what is happening within the company, and share any of this information with your team that is relevant to them. Transparent communication can only help your team in the long run! 
  • Discuss your competition. Look at your competition’s strengths and see what you can do about making those your strengths as well. Share any insights you have to give your team perspective. 
  • Motivate your Employees. Discuss the amazing incentive rewards program that your company is offering and make sure they are aware that they could win a once in a lifetime getaway if they hit their goals! Need help planning an incentive reward program? Reach out to DUNAJ AGENCY today to get started!

Instead of the usual meeting, consider the occasional recreational activities for team building or a motivational speaker. If team members have to travel to the meeting location, consider their travel time when determining when things will start. And if your meeting is in a non-work location, how about having a welcome reception?

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Meeting Preparation

Whether you’re preparing for a National Sales Meeting (NSM), a Midyear Meeting, or a Plan of Action (POA), keep these three things in mind:

Who is leading the meeting?

Who will be your MC? Is it the VP of Sales? Do they have the energy needed to motivate & inspire your Sales team? Do you have a marketing/content team that is putting together the content for the breakouts in an organized fashion to accomplish goals? Having a team focused on the content – or even “quarterbacks” who take the charge on each session will help you focus on your executives’ needs.

Set a single main goal

Before the meeting begins, you should have one main goal that you will achieve. This goes with making sure you need to have the meeting in the first place. If you can’t boil it all down to one or more clear goals for the meeting – you shouldn’t have it.  

Set a beginning time AND an ending time

If you don’t have a cut-off time, your meeting may get long and lose purpose. Keep your meetings concise and respect the time of your team members. Having an end in sight will encourage people to be more direct in their contributions. 

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Motivation Elements

Your team should leave the meeting feeling motivated to accomplish great things. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Sharpen their skills. Regular training isn’t an option. If you expect great things from your team, they need regular sales training to ensure that they are current on everything from your product to communication techniques.
  • Keep current. Ensure that your team knows what is happening industry-wide, not just in their small area. 
  • Invite experts to your meetings. Bring in subject matter experts, like product leaders, key opinion leaders (KOLs)executives, or founders who understand the space. Let them share their insights, projections for the future, and their journey in the industry. 
  • Share stories and experiences. It may be that much of the motivation and expertise you need to propel your team forward is in your midst already. Encourage team members to share their stories and motivate their colleagues with personal experience.
  • Show appreciation. Make sure that every victory – small or great, is acknowledged. It is motivating and encouraging for your team when you see their efforts and thank them.
  • Focus on the positives. While there is always a lot to say about what’s going wrong, save that for one-on-one meetings. You must keep your meetings positive. Again, humiliation is de-motivating not just for the object of embarrassment but for everyone who witnesses it. 

 Role-Play Workshops

One great aspect of in-person meetings is the ability to utilize role-playing workshops. They’re great for helping sales reps sharpen their skills, improve sales pitches, and generate feedback from the group. 

An example of a role-play exercise is Objection Island:

A team member is called out and given a common objection from prospects. They have 5 seconds to give a response that allows the conversation to continue positively, or they are voted off of Objection Island. If they are successful, they call out another team member with a new objection, who must have a unique response. Peer coaching, idea-sharing, and courage happen in these exercises. 

Remember your virtual audience

Don’t forget to include your virtual audience, whether they are feeling unsafe to travel, or just can’t make it work with their schedule, there is still an option to join the meeting virtually! Invite your remote workers. They need to feel a part of the team just as much as those attending in person. Keep in mind that virtual attendees are more prone to distraction, so consider catering to their needs through a different agenda to keep them engaged and excited.

Final thoughts

Sales meetings can be the bane of your existence, or they can be vital to your success. For yours to be the latter, use our ideas to refresh and motivate your team. 

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