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How To Go Back: Ultimate Guide To Holding Safe Events Post COVID-19

With the return of events post Covid-19, it’s important to know how to get back in the game safely. Meetings and events are happening all around the world, and we are here to show you that it’s possible to get back to business safely! 

How do you host safe events in a post-COVID-19 world? Read on to find out. 

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Should You Have an Event?

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When considering if your team should host an event, think about your demographic and the locations of your event. Keep in mind that the guidelines in certain states and even specific cities vary. In some places, you can still only gather 50 people in the same space, so it is important to keep your location and it’s restrictions in mind when picking your next destination. . 

If you can gather your company for an in-person event, you should go for it. While virtual events serve as a great placeholder, nothing beats in-person interactions, especially for companies trying to foster a strong corporate culture and help their employees get to know each other better. 

In-person events are a great opportunity for your employees to connect on a deeper level and forge more meaningful relationships with one another. In-person events are also a great chance to do some company-wide brainstorming and networking. Plus, you can offer a much wider range of activities for in-person events than you would for virtual events. 

Health and Safety Protocols

So, how can you keep your in-person event safe? Following the right health and safety protocols won’t only help prevent the spread of COVID, but it’ll also help prevent anyone from getting sick from other illnesses. 

Here are some safety protocols to keep in mind:


According to the CDC, you should continue to follow safety precautions even if you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. One of the biggest safety precautions the CDC suggests is staying six feet apart from others. 

Of course, this may not always be possible when hosting a corporate event, but try to have everyone maintain safe distances as best as they can. If possible, host events outside to make things easier. 

When hosting event meetings or seminars inside,leave extra space between the chairs, and be sure to set the room in a way that is already physically distanced. 

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Occupancy Limits

As we mentioned earlier, different places have different rules when it comes to occupancy limits. For example, in California, the government suggests that buildings keep the occupancy levels at 50%. So if a building normally allows 100 people, they should only allow 50 people until further notice. 

Make sure you understand the occupancy limits for your event space before booking. Also be sure to check back a few times during the planning stages of your event as guidelines are changing frequently due to the decrease in Covid-19 cases.


Cleanliness is another big factor for in-person events. Be sure to communicate openly with your venue to see what their staff is doing to sanitize in between sessions, and at the end of the day when everyone exits the premises. 

It’s also a good idea to place sanitizing stations throughout the event space so people can easily clean their hands. Additionally, you should remind everyone about the proper handwashing protocol as recommended by the CDC. The CDC suggests you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. 

It’s a good idea to send a reminder regarding cleanliness protocols to all event participants beforehand, so everyone is prepared. 

Use Digital Tools for a Safer Event

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Using digital tools can also help you create a safer event. For example, you can encourage employees to download hotel apps and restaurant apps on their phones so they can safely order food and check-in and check out of their hotel room. 

There are also digital room diagraming tools that can help you decide how you’re going to configure your event to keep everyone safe and socially distanced. 

Ongoing Monitoring

Holding a safe event post-COVID also means you need to prepare to conduct ongoing monitoring. Remind event participants that if they start to feel sick during the event, they should report their symptoms and stop interacting with others.

If someone finds out they have COVID at your event, keep everyone in the loop. 

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As you can see, hosting an in-person event is possible. With a wide range ofhealth and safety protocols in mind, you’ll be able to host an event that’s fun, effective, and safe. 

Of course, planning an event all on your own can be tough. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a full-service corporate event agency. 

Are you looking to hire a corporate event agency? Contact us today. 

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