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Event Planners Vs. Event Designers: What’s the Difference?

With events ramping back up in 2021, event professionals are more ready than ever for the future of the industry! While things will come back differently, one thing that hasn’t changed is that event designers and event planners are still working hand in hand to create the best experience possible!

Here we’ll discuss the difference between event planners and event designers. Although the roles are similar, they are niche in their own right within the event industry.  

What’s an event planner?

An event planner is responsible for the overall execution and oversight of the event including details surrounding timeline, budget, and third party relationships. They form relationships with the vendors that service the events, manage the team putting on the event, and help the clients organize event-related tasks to keep things operating smoothly and on time.

For example, an event planner will know who to call for the best entertainment, how to cater the menu to the atmosphere of the gathering, and even which venue would best fit their clients needs based on space requirements and social distancing protocol. For the best entertainment, how to cater the menu to the atmosphere of the gathering, and even which venue would best fit their clients needs based on space requirements and social distancing protocol. They will know how to work within budget restraints and how to communicate with varying styles of vendors and clients. Event planners work as liaisons between clients and vendors, and even between vendors to bring about the client’s ideas. Within new guidelines, event planners also ensure that all vendors are following proper sanitation, social distancing, and health screening protocol in order to instill confidence to the client that their attendees will have a safe and valuable in person event experience.

Overall, the event planner does not design the event themselves. Their role is not creative in this respect. They ensure that the logistics of the event come together to meet the clients big picture vision.The event planner is in charge of making sure all the pieces come together to make the event come to life!  

What’s an event designer?

An event designer is the creative mind behind the event. They are idea-makers and artistic visionaries who work with clients on every creative aspect of the event. Event designers develop color palettes, choose linens and furniture, create floor plans, imagine floral designs, and go as far as branding for an event.    

An event designer brings a wealth of innovative ideas to the table. Usually, the designer does not help find vendors that aren’t directly related to their design or the event’s overall aesthetics. They will outsource the construction of physical aspects of the event to other groups. They also do not manage logistics or the timeline of the event.  

Sometimes, the event designer is referred to as the event stylist. Whether you call them designers or stylists, they are the ones who can transform any space into something remarkable. 

A combination of both

Two puzzle pieces

In certain scenarios, some professionals fill both roles – event planners and designers. You won’t have to wonder if your professional is one or the other or both – they will state it clearly on their website. 

Working with an event professional who is both can be beneficial. Having a professional who has an eye for design and creativity while also being a planner who has relationships with all the vendors you’re looking for can be useful. But they may be mainly one or the other – a planner who can design or a designer who can also plan. To have both an event planner and an event designer, your best choice is to go with an agency who is able to give you the best of both worlds! You don’t have to choose one or the other, but you can have it all with the help of a team who focuses on different aspects of your event!

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What’s similar

  • Both planners and designers are dedicated to creating a beautiful and memorable event.
  • Both planners and designers will likely be on-site throughout the event.
  • Both planners and designers are committed to customer satisfaction. They want to make the client happy with every aspect of the event.
  • Both planners and designers are creative and resourceful.
  • Both planners and designers have formed relationships with vendors that they can recommend for every need. 

What’s different

Event Planners

  • Planners are focused on the logistics of your event – who goes where and when.
  • Planners should remember all of the tiny details, as well as the big ones. Every little detail matters!
  • Planners can work with you from the start to finish of the event.
  • Planners ensure confidence in the client that all vendors and venue teams are compliant with Covid-19 protocols and social distancing measures specific to your event location.

Event Designers

  • Designers are focused on producing impressive visual displays at your event to convey the nature of the event. 
  • Designers will personally find the best flowers, linens, etc., to bring the client’s design to life. Designers may even create what they need by hand, if that’s what it takes. 
  • Designers know how to make a cohesive brand for your event or know how to apply your corporate brand to it.
  • Designers can take any space and creatively transform it into something stunning for your event. Once you discuss your needs with the designer, they will take your vision and make it a spectacular reality.  
  • Plan to work with your designer over the long haul, from conception to execution. Once you have a seed of an idea, you should find a reputable event designer, so they can help to develop and expand your vision.
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Final thoughts

An event represents a significant investment of time and money for those organizing it. Hiring a planner who is also a gifted designer, or a designer who is also a meticulous planner, will make your event an unforgettable experience.  

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