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Creating An Event Communication Plan For Your Next Trip

When you have a large corporate trip on the horizon, you want to make sure that everything goes off without any issues. An event communication plan can help tie together all the loose ends and make sure everyone traveling to your destination is on the same page before, during, and after your trip!.. Here are a few ways to create the ideal communication plan for your trip

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What Is an Event Communication Plan?

Do you need an event communication plan for your next corporate trip? The short answer is yes. These plans are the secret to a successful event. When you have an event communication plan, it helps you, the team leaders, and attendees coordinate and communicates with one another. It is also about getting the correct information to your attendees so that they can get excited about the trip and make appropriate plans for their time away. 

Along with that, the communication plan will help your attendees understand the importance of your trip, and it can ensure a little enthusiasm to engage in all the scheduled activities.

In the world we live today, you have the ability to share your plan in person or virtually. When you message about certain events or changes in plans, your communication plan is able to be updated to keep everyone informed and in the know of what to expect 

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Creating an Event Landing Page

If you want to create a one-stop-shop to promote your trip, you need an event landing page. This page becomes the cornerstone for information related to the trip, and it can also become a content aggregator for individuals to share on their social media channels

This page gives you the ability to highlight the main points of your trip and enticing photos to garner excitement! You can include some key selling points to build up enthusiasm for the guests planning to attend. A great option is to create a highlight reel to show off the activities that attendees can expect to participate in while on their trip. This is a great spot to highlight scuba diving through the coral reefs, ziplining through the rocky mountains, or sailing through the deep blue sea. Whatever activities you have planned, start to garner attention and excitement for them early! 

This page also serves as a great landing page for specific details on when and where your trip will take place. You can list important details about the resort that you will be staying at (including things like hotel address, and the properties Covid-19 protocols), and even a countdown clock to get your attendees even more excited to head out for their much-anticipated trip. 

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The Event Agenda

With your event agenda, you can create a chronological list of important dates that will lead up to your big trip. During this time, you could offer early bird offers for completing a task. An event timeline can provide registration details and other vital information for your vacation. You might even want to include a few details about those tasks that each individual must meet before those essential dates. 

It is important to get all the information correct. After that, you can finalize your plans with the venue and confirm the rest of the schedule. In some cases, reverse planning can help set all those final deadlines for the to-dos on your list. With a strong trip timeline, you can connect with your attendees and get them excited. 

Getting the Word Out

You want to create a pre-event buzz for your trip. With a bit of excitement, you can boost those numbers for registration. In most cases, you want to start relaying details about 10 to 12 weeks before the trip. Think about sending out email notifications to promote some aspects of the vacation, like sights to see. You will want to follow up with an email or text reminder to register for certain events or give a notice about special offers

These notifications can help your team to outline the trip agenda and ask questions if they happen to come up. In addition to that, these emails and text messages can provide a detailed breakdown of responsibilities for specific tasks. You will want to send out these messages about one month in advance; however, your particular timeline will depend on the scope of your trip.

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Communications During the Event

Once the big day has arrived, you still want to keep your attendees engaged. With that, you can keep them up-to-date with communications involving multiple programs happening during the trip. You might also want to have a particular texting group for those team members so that you can convey vital information to them, such as crowd control issues or resolving any special situations. 

Since everyone carries a mobile phone, you might want to think about group texts and push notifications to communicate with them easily. Don’t forget about video conferencing! A quick Zoom call can make sure that everyone is on board for the day

All these types of communications can help your trip be better organized with the attendees. 

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Post Event Follow Up

After you have finished with your big event, now is time to keep engaging with your audience. You want to build a relationship with them to encourage participation in the future. For starters, it is important to send “thank you” messages to all your team members and attendees for their participation and time. Make sure to highlight how they made an impact on your special event. For those teammates, it is vital to thank them for how they pull off a successful trip. 

Post-event follow-ups are an excellent way to ask their attendees about their experience. You can ask a few questions about their experience and engagement opportunities with the scheduled sessions. A survey or poll is the perfect way to collect feedback so that you can make the next trip even better for the following year. 

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The Takeaway

With all these tips, you can create an event communication plan to take your trip to the next level. These steps are essential to increase engagement and participation with your attendees and event workers. 

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