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The Best Creative Incentive Trip Ideas Of 2021

The travel industry took a pretty big hit in 2020, and many personal vacations were canceled or delayed, leaving many people feeling a bit of wanderlust. So, incentive trips are still a great way to motivate teams to achieve big sales goals by enticing them with creative experiences and big trips to satisfy their need to see the world.

Tips for Coming Up with Ideas

The problem is that there are too many incentive trip ideas that feel cliche or overdone. How can you develop fresh ideas to get your employees excited and drive their motivation to perform? Here are some tips.

Determine the Goal of the Trip

Experiences create the most rewarding trips, but that doesn’t mean that you have to build your incentive trip around an experience. Decide from the beginning if your trip will be about uniting a salesforce that is typically spread around the globe or if it will be a tech-free getaway on the company dollar.

Ask Employees for Ideas

The best way to drum up ideas that will resonate with your employees is simply to ask them what they want. Too many incentive programs are designed by high-level executives with assumptions instead of soliciting advice from the actual participants. Don’t make that mistake.

Give Clear Guidelines for Staff

The success or failure of any incentive program (travel programs included) hinges on the element of communication with your employees. Identify one clear goal for the program and outline for your employees how their performance will be measured. The rules should be transparent so that every employee knows exactly what they have to do to earn a spot on the trip.

Research Vendors

Every detail of your trip will incorporate several different vendors who will provide meals, entertainment, lodging, transportation, and more. If even one of your vendors fails to provide services, it can cause a big headache and potentially ruin the entire trip. Do your due diligence in choosing vendors. Look at service descriptions and reviews when making selections.

Consult a Travel Expert

For a big trip with a lot of vendors and participants, the details can get very complicated. A travel expert with experience booking incentive travel can smooth things out for a seamless incentive trip for your company. They may also be able to leverage industry connections to provide better deals.

Stick to Your Budget

Travel incentives can blow your budget up pretty quickly. While the point of these trips is to increase sales and profitability of the company, those gains don’t matter if you blow the budget on the reward. Approach the incentive trip planning with a strict budget and stick to it.

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Provide Loads of Options

A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work with group travel. The only way that an incentive trip is appealing is if there is a balance between structure and flexibility. Your outgoing staff members will want loads of opportunities to socialize and participate in activities, while your introverted team members will want to pick and choose their activities.

Focus on the Experience, Not Just the Destination

A tropical excursion to Bali or a thrilling escapade to New York City is only memorable if the trip is rich in experiences. This means that the destination (no matter how sought after) is not the only thing to focus on for the trip. Put just as much effort into the activities on the schedule as you do on the trip’s location to ensure the best r experience.

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Use Trips to Expand Employees’ Worldview

Are you looking to cultivate more diversity in your workplace? Planning incentive trips to exotic locations is a great way to get your employees on board. Most individuals don’t have the resources for extensive global travel, so getting creative with your destinations can really add some power behind the motivational factor of success driving performance to win a spot on the trip.

Maximize Team Building

Incentive travel programs offer the perfect opportunity for casual team building. Make sure to include plenty of group activities and casual atmospheres to let people be people and co-mingle during your trip. While structure and activities are good, consider encouraging people to dine with different groups each night to promote cross team interactions.

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Creative Incentive Trip Ideas by Category

Does the idea of gathering your team in a hotel ballroom for a stuffy business summit speech sound stiff? Spice things up with these creative retreat ideas instead.

Wellness Trips

Corporate Human Resource departments know all about the importance of work/life balance. Promoting positive mental health care keeps employees stable and productive. And there is a big link to that happiness and our desire to travel, so why not combine your company’s commitment to wellness with your incentive travel plans? Here are some great ideas:

  • Rent out a ski lodge in the Colorado Rockies or Swiss Alps.
  • Host a yoga retreat in an oceanfront villa community.
  • Get outdoors with whitewater rafting or tubing trips.
  • Get more vitamin D with a trip that offers a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking to surfing.

Try a Unique Destination Trip

How many opportunities do your employees get to trot the globe? If they are traveling for business, their experiences might be pretty limited. Why not deliver a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience as part of your incentive travel? Here are some great destination trip ideas:

  • A sightseeing and food tour in Italy with hands-on art and cooking classes.
  • Swim with the fishes and indulge in tropical marine life in the Galapagos Islands.
  • Keep it regional with a tour of Napa Wine Country or a ballgame at Wrigley Field.

Event Incentive Trips

Build a trip around a big event. Do you want to take your employees to the holiday celebration at Walt Disney World? How about a music festival or street fair? The entertainment is automatically built-in when you combine your incentive trip with an existing event. Talk with your event planner to book some time for your team to meet together in between event activities.

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Final Thoughts

When done well, incentive travel is a big motivator for employees to meet goals. For many, these trips offer opportunities to travel and see the world that they might not otherwise be able to attain. Avoid treating your incentive trips like another day at the office. Instead, figure out what experiences are valuable to your team members and build a great trip around their input.

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