A Must Know Guide to Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events are a great way to promote the company you work for, whether it is an event that celebrates corporate milestones or just creates some buzz.

Every year, more tools are available to help facilitate the planning process, which has made it easier for planners and corporate event planners alike. When corporate events are planned correctly, they can be beneficial to not just the head of corporate but also the employees.

Some corporate events, such as corporate birthday parties, can be used to reward employees or provide the corporate employees with a day of fun.

Corporate event planning may seem like a daunting task, but this guide will help you plan the perfect event.

A room with seating for an event.

What is Corporate Event Planning?

Corporate event planning is more than just planning meetings. They can organize retreats or other types of events. Corporate events can help keep corporate employees happy and motivated to work. Corporate events can also be a time where the corporate employees interact outside of the corporate office.

Corporate event planning is not just reserved for larger corporations or even businesses. Some churches plan corporate events as well. Some churches will hold fundraisers or other types of events. All of those still need planning.

Event planners are also responsible for handling the travel, accommodations, vendors, and more.

Planning A Successful Corporate Event

When corporate event planning, you must plan the corporate event well in advance. You need to give yourself time to source out possible corporate venues, find corporate entertainment for the corporate event, and book them.

There can be many moving parts when it comes to planning corporate events, but here are ten things you need to think about when you plan your next corporate event.

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Understand Your Events Purpose

When you first begin to plan out your corporate event, you will need to have a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish with the event.

Are you attempting to bring people together? Are you trying to promote a new product? Figuring out your corporate event purpose will be the first thing you’ll need to do is to start planning. You can’t plan an effective corporate event without knowing what its goal is.

Once you have all of these details, you can begin setting up the perfect event.

Know Your Budget

Knowing your corporate event budget will allow you to have a good idea of how big of an event you can afford. If you want to have a company party or other type of event, there are many options, but some are too costly for specific budgets.

You’ll need to research the different types of corporate events so that you know what is realistic. You need to also expect to spend 10% more than you plan. Things will often pop up as last-minute expenses.

Also, don’t forget to factor in things like travel, food, beverage, decorations, and more.

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Establish A Project Timeline

Once you know your event’s projected budget, next up is establishing a planning timeline. This needs to be started and expected to be done around 6 to 12 months before your corporate event to allow plenty of time for travel arrangements, vendors, and catering.

Start by working backward from the date of your corporate event to determine when things need to be ordered. Make a list of the things and when they need to be done so that you know exactly when to make the calls you need.

A spreadsheet or checklist can make easy work of these timelines and can keep vendor information and any other significant phone numbers that are needed for your corporate event.

Decide on Your Guests

Knowing your guest list is a critical part of the corporate event planning process. You need to know the amount of food and drinks you will need and if special accommodations need to be made for any guests with health problems.

You will also need to know how many people you are inviting to know how much space you will need for your event.

For example, if you are hosting a safety event and have two speakers coming, you need to have two rooms. Often venues may offer discounts for smaller amounts of space.

An outside corporate event

Select a Theme and Format

Now that you know your budget, have a guest list and have a timeline, you are ready to determine the best format of your event or any other theme that you plan on doing for your event.

For example, if you are hosting a corporate holiday party or event where alcohol is served, it would be best to have an open bar instead of individual drinks.

If the corporate event is hosted outside of business hours, you can also consider having fun corporate team-building activities where guests can unwind and bond with their colleagues.

This is when you would decide what kind of activities you would like to have for your corporate event.

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Choose A Time and Location

If you plan a corporate event the same week of Christmas halfway across the world from the office, it most likely won’t work.

You will need to choose a time and location that works for those who are attending your event.

Location: A popular corporate event spot is usually the corporate office, but you can also host your corporate event at a local restaurant or bar.

Time: How long will your event be? Will it be a three-day weekend event? Or will it be more like a meeting that’s hosted just down the street at a local business?

Focus On Your Marketing Campaign

For internal event’s you won’t need to spend too much on marketing your event. However, if you have a B2B event, you may need to send out any marketing materials.

Social media is a great place to start. You can share hashtags, posts, and photos from your corporate event before the actual event even takes place.

You may even need to set up some cold email outreach for your event. If there are tickets involved, it can take even more effort.

Plan the Days Logistics

If your event is on a schedule, you will need to plan rooms and speakers and more. This also includes any other prominent figures. You want to be sure you get corporate sponsors and proofread all of your corporate event planning materials before the event.

Knowing what is expected of everyone will help them prepare for corporate event planning. Reminders can also come in handy. You may even want to tell anyone that needs an invitation or specific directions where they need to go when getting there ahead of time.

Nothing can ruin an event faster than the guest of honor not getting the correct weekend.

Use Available Technology

Luckily for corporate event planners, we no longer need to tote around heavy binders full of paperwork, invite lists, and other tedious equipment. Now almost all event planning has some type of digital alternative.

This is a great help when corporate event planners need to organize and schedule their work.

You can make corporate event planning much more accessible by creating a loose timeline for yourself or your team and share it on a platform like Asana. This way, corporate event planners know what needs to be done and when which helps them plan accordingly.

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Network When Possible

It’s always good to network with others. However, corporate event planning is truly the best time to get to know others who work in the event planning niche.

You never know when you or another corporate event planner will need help or assistance with something, and it’s good for corporate event planners to get on each other’s radar.

Dinner place settings for an event.

Evaluate Your Event

After your event is planned and hosted, you may believe that it’s done and over with. But your job as a corporate event planner isn’t done just yet.

You’ll need to follow up with corporate event attendees and corporate event speakers. Since you’re a corporate event planner, it’s also a good idea to write an article about your corporate event or even create a video for your company webpage.

What Should You Do After Your Event?

After all of your loose ends are tied up, you can finish your event and mark it down in the books. Seriously. Follow up with your guests and be sure to track what was successful and what wasn’t.

How To Invite Guests to Future Events

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking your corporate event attendees if they would attend another corporate event, but most times, you’ll need a little more than that. You’ll want to look at who has participated in the events and who is on your corporate event mailing list.


The biggest thing to remember when you are planning a corporate event is that your corporate event planners and corporate event team members need to work closely together. Just like with corporate events themselves, corporate events aren’t easy; keep this in mind as you plan your corporate event! As a corporate event planner, you mustn’t bite off more than you can chew.

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