Swag bags that people won’t throw away

30 Ideas For Swag Bags People Won’t Throw Away

What Makes an Exciting Swag Bag?

Swag bags go hand-in-hand with corporate events, but how do you put one together that won’t end up in the trash afterward? The quality of your brand will get associated with the quality of your swag bag; it’s essential to choose items that your attendees will enjoy and continue using long after the event.

Here are the best gifts to include in your next swag bag to give your guests the best event experience.


If you’re attending a corporate event, there are certain items that make the experience a lot more enjoyable. This includes items such as phone chargers, sunscreen, and reusable water bottles to ensure your attendees get the most out of the event without worrying about their comfort.

Phone Chargers and Adapters

Event attendees don’t want to worry about keeping their phones and other devices chargedHelp them with a detail that is easily overlooked by providing them with chargers and adapters to keep their minds at ease.

Power Banks

While the addition of power banks may be slightly more costly to include than a generic phone charger, they allow your guests to charge their phones, laptop, or tablet while any of their devices on-the-go.

Sunscreen or Sunglasses

Sunglasses for the perfect swag bag

Hosting a meeting or an incentive trip in a tropical and sunny climate? Items such as sunscreen and stylish sunglasses are great additions to enhance your swag bags. Want to take your guest experience to the next level?  One of the experiences that the DUNAJ AGENCY loves to provide is a sunglass boutique shopping experience during arrival day registration and check in. Guests feel the extra level of appreciation when their employees have gone out of their way to provide high end gifts that they are able to choose once they arrive on site! 

Reusable Water Bottles

One thing travelers always overlook is how to access water while in their hotel or on their trip. Reusable water bottles are an excellent swag bag addition; they are inexpensive and easy to acquire, and they will continue to get used even after an event.

Practical Items:

Want to host an even more seamless event? These practical items are as functional as they are enjoyable. They’ll help attendees get the most out of the event, from luggage tags to snacks to QR codes.

Snacks and Beverages

Snacks and beverages can include anything from popcorn, cookies, and water to chocolate, tea, and wine. Want to take the extra step in branding? Consider placing the event logo on the packaging as a nice touch to spread brand awareness.

Athletic  Garments or Apparel

Athletic apparel ispractical rather than fashion-focused, and practicality is king when it comes to swag bags. The DUNAJ AGENCY  provides sun shirts and coverups for all island events.

Include a QR Code Cheat Sheet for Big Events

QR codes can be an excellent way for attendees to access the things they want quickly. The DUNAJ AGENCY includes QR codes for guests to access the event app easily, making their agenda, activities, hotel information, and maps of the venue always in the palm of their hand.

Options for Charitable Donations

Give your attendees a choice of relevant charities that you’ll make a small donation to; this is an excellent way to reinforce the shared values of a company and its guests.

Cord Tacos

The name may sound silly, but cord tacos are a fun gift for your guests, and they also help them keep their cords and cables organized.

Luggage Tags

Your bag is the black cloth one too? Luggage tags are essential for every on the go traveler whether they are off to a national sales meeting or an incentive trip. The DUNAJ AGENCY goes the extra mile by providing personalized chic luggage tags to attendees prior to events so that both attendees and their bags arrive in a stylish fashion. 

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Fun Items:

No goodie bag is complete without a fun item! These may be less “practical,” per se, but your guests will be delighted to receive them. These include items such as gift cards and selfie-sticks.

Headphones or Earbuds

headphones for the perfect swag bag

Whether you are handing out high-end headphones or small travel earbuds, most of your attendees will make good use of them. While more costly, Bluetooth earbuds add a luxurious touch.

Gift Cards 

Everyone can use a gift card; if you don’t know for a fact where your guests typically shop, gift cards for large, well-known retailers are almost always a safe bet.

Small Tech Gifts

tech gifts for the perfect swag bag

Interesting tech gifts, like a Nanodot, are fun and creative. They are good conversation starters and will have your attendees thinking about the event long after it’s over.


They might seem like an odd choice at first, but what could be better than promoting your guests to take fun pictures all over the event? The DUNAJ AGENCY loves to have clients utilize our event app so that all guests can upload their photos to one location and share with the group! It’s a fun and interactive way to engage guests, and creates memories that will last a lifetime. 

Beach Balls or Water-Related Items

beach ball for the perfect swag bag

If your event is held near a body of water, beach balls are a great way to get your guests having fun. Things like umbrellas or water shoes are other swag bag ideas for a waterfront getaway.

Mini Wine or Liquor Box

Small boxes of various wines and liquors are an excellent way to ensure your attendees are having a good time. You might even help them find their new favorite drink.

Tips on Improving the Event Bag Itself:

Beyond what items go in the goodie bag, there are some ways you can improve how it’s received. Whether that’s making it ergonomic or thinking about its use in the long term, here are ways you can make your bags a smashing success.

Make the Bag Have Practicality to Your Event

Swag bags should be fun and give your attendees gifts that they will use long after the event, but it’s best to make sure that the majority of them are practical for the event. Functional and relevant products are one of the keys to a good swag bag.

Make It Compact and Ergonomic

The event attendees are going to carry their swag bags around all day; make sure that the gifts are appropriate for the bag itself. Stylized tote bags or backpacks are a great way for them to carry their new gifts around the event comfortably.

Think of the Bag’s Long-Term Utility

A high-quality bag will give attendees something practical to use for years to come. Another benefit of choosing a swag bag that will get continued use is the event advertising that comes with it. Stylish bags will keep attendees thinking about the event long after it’s over.

Offer a Variety of Styles and Colors

When your attendee gets to pick their own bag, it’s more likely to make it back home with them. Offer customized colors, logos, and styles for your swag bags. To make it even easier, you can allow the guests to choose their design ahead of time.

Consider the Logo Design When Marketing

Stylish and attractive colors and fabrics are key to giving your attendees a bag they love. The event logo should be integrated into the design and not just slapped on in the middle of the swag bag. Choosing a well-designed bag that your attendees will continue to use prolongs the life span of the marketing investment.

Appeal to (But Don’t Pander to) Your Intended Demographic

Thoughtfully-chosen colors and a healthy variety of options are important when deciding on a swag bag design; offer what you think the target demographic will enjoy, but make sure there are other options for the attendees who you may not be able to predict what they’ll like as easily.

Thrill Your Attendees With the Best Swag Bags

Dunaj Agency Swag Bags

The swag bag is one of the first things your attendees receive when arriving at the event, so why not make it count? You are already investing in the bag, so why not make the bag and its contents too good for someone to throw out? Think about your attendees when designing the elements that will go into the bag; what will they want or need at the event?

Boost your organization’s image and the impact you make with exclusive and relevant swag bag gifts.

Do you want your next event to craft an unforgettable experience for your attendees? Get in touch with the DUNAJ AGENCY to ensure every detail is perfect at your next corporate gathering!

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