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10 Exclusive Room Drop Ideas Your Sales Team Will Love

What Makes a Memorable Room Drop Gift?

Who doesn’t love a surprise – especially when it’s a gift. A room drop is a delightful and possibly dramatic way to give gifts to your valued team members. Gifts may be put in the guests room before they check-in or delivered inside the room while the team member is out attending meetings or receptions. Either way, attendees  find a welcome and wonderful surprise, a demonstration of your appreciation of them.During Covid-19 times, some hotels are not allowing room drops. THAT’S OK! Leave them a note in the meeting app to swing by the Registration desk to pick up a surprise! 

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“Local” Gifts for Out-of-Town Visitors 

Consider some local amenities for visitors to the region – nothing too large or hard to pack if it’s not immediately consumable. A little local flavor in the form of a jar of seashells or a delicious Bahamian rum cake if your incentive  trip is in the Bahamas, can be the extra step of fun that represents your destination. Think ahead to what your destination represents, and what items people would love to take away from their experience in a new location. 

 “Spa” or “Outdoor” Gift Bags

Your team members will appreciate a spa bag with several self-care items in it. If the location has opportunities for outdoor activities, like walks in nature, an outdoor bag with a water bottle, a map indicating walking paths, a compass, and bug repellent, is a practical and mindful gift. A plush robe and slippers will be welcomed gifts and are sure to be used both on the trip and back home. The items may bear the company branding or be personalized for the individuals, with their names or initials. Proper sizing will let them know that you put thought into the gifts. Even small items like bath bombs, bath sea salts, lotions and more give your attendees and guests some TLC.

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Include Special Gifts Like Polaroid Cameras

Whatever the setup is, your meeting will have plenty of memorable moments. Why not give your team Polaroid cameras to capture these moments? Polaroid cameras are an excellent way to keep people engaged and make every event a little more fun. Later, guests  can submit their favorites to a shared space so that everyone can enjoy them. 

Include Unique Snacks and Sweets

Food is sure to be a much-loved gift no matter the location of your event. Snacks and sweets to eat in their rooms or throughout the event are a perfect room drop item. The snacks that you provide can be consumed while on the trip and won’t need to be packed. Want the added touch of luxury and personalization? Remember to ask on the registration form if your attendees have any  food allergies or intolerances, that way you don’t give them anything they can’t enjoy. 

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Include Beer, Wine, Liquor, or a favorite drink 

One thing we love to do here at the DUNAJ AGENCY is take care of our clients, guests, and attenddes. Consider the smaller details by going as far as keeping track of your clients favorite beverages and providing it in their room upon arrival. Your guests will feel the extra touch of care without you having to ask what their favorites are! .

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Emergency/First Aid/Hangover Kit

A small first aid or hangover kit is a thoughtful gift, especially if the kits  include what to do in case of an emergency. When planning events in the era of  COVID-19, consider a personalized PPE kit with a company branded mask, hand sanitizer, and individually wrapped disinfectant wipes.  

Include Universal Phone Chargers

Remember items like universal phone chargers and outlet converters if your trip is outside of the United States. Your team may not think to pack one, but they will be impressed and happy that you remembered even the smallest of details!

Branded Toilet Paper

This one is fun and may be kept as a keepsake, or used according to its purpose. You can brand toilet roll with the company logo, with the team members image, or a funny saying.  

Write a Welcoming Handwritten Note for the Final Touch

Finish your room drop  with a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for their presence at the event or for their work. Most times this added touch of appreication is just as valued as the gift. 

Are you looking for full-service event management that is innovative, client-focused, and remembers the details? Contact the DUNAJ AGENCY  today.  

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